Animation / Mocap

In the world of animation, my specialty is the integration of motion capture data with traditional keyframed layers. On most productions I also have the luxury of acting as the motion capture supervisor, which means I get the chance to implement various animation preferences into the pipeline all the way from pre-production.

On this page you will find a selection of my professional and personal animation work. I’ll try to include some behind the scenes featurettes wherever possible, since these are often most interesting (at least for me, when I look at other people’s work).

Click the links below to see videos and read the full text for each project.

Thor: Ragnarok (Feature)

Feature film for Marvel, in collaboration with Profile Studios and The Third Floor … read more

Quilton Cupid (TVC)

Television commercial for Quilton, produced by Finch Company.  … read more

I, Frankenstein (Feature)

This feature film for Hopscotch Features and Lakeshore Entertainment premiered worldwide at the beginning of 2014 … read more

Abbott's Free Range (TVC)

This TVC for Abbott's Village Bakery is another great project from the Deakin Motion.Lab and Alt.vfx. The project, titled Free Range Bread, went live Australia wide in March 2013 … read more

Nocturnal Migration (TVC)

This TVC for Tooheys Extra Dry, titled Nocturnal Migration, went live Australia wide in September 2011. It since went on to win Gold for Visual Effects/Animation in the 2011 Mobius Awards and Gold Film Craft Lotus at Adfest 2012 … read more

Rugby League Live 2 (PS3/Xbox360/PC)

This console game from Tru Blu Entertainment and Big Ant Studios hit the shelves in Australia on October 11, 2012 … read more

Demo Reel

This demo reel features a collection of my recent work. I tried to make it short and to the point, so if you want more details about any of the projects please follow the links below … read more