Abbott’s Free Range (TVC)

February 2013

This TVC for Abbott’s Village Bakery is another great project from the Deakin Motion.Lab and Alt.vfx. The project, titled Free Range Bread, went live Australia wide in March 2013

The concept for this campaign called for realistic quadruped movement in the shape of loaves of bread. We decided to motion capture a dog to provide the motion data and eventually settled on a sausage dog for the similarity in size and proportion to the target rig. Alt.vfx then worked their magic with rendering and compositing, incorporating the beautiful live action shots with the CG elements to create the finished piece.

My role in this production was motion capture supervisor and lead animator for the mocap unit (Deakin Motion.Lab), which delivered about 7 minutes of character animation for the project.

Check out the “Baking of” below, or have a look at the full length TVC here (courtesy of Alt.vfx):