Nocturnal Migration (TVC)

September 2011

This TVC for Tooheys Extra Dry, titled Nocturnal Migration, went live Australia wide in September 2011. It since went on to win Gold for Visual Effects/Animation in the 2011 Mobius Awards and Gold Film Craft Lotus at Adfest 2012

The project involved a handful of deer filmed roaming the streets of Auckland, and a great number of their digital counter-parts later composited in to the live footage by the wizards at Alt.vfx. My role in this production was motion capture supervisor and lead animator for the mocap unit (Deakin Motion.Lab). We delivered 12 minutes of quadruped animation to Alt.vfx in the end; some of which made it’s way in to Massive for crowd simulations, and the rest were composited straight in as hero shots and background animations.

Autodesk has written up a nice little Customer Story about this project as well, which is a good read.

You can have a look at the full length TVC here, or check out the making of below (courtesy of Alt.vfx/Urs Furrer):