My work as an animator is definitely in the technical realm, and I rely heavily on scripting for repetitive/difficult tasks – especially concerning character solving of motion capture data.

On this page you will find a (pretty random) selection of my work as a developer and TD, both in relation to animation production and other more obscure things like web design and interface programming.

Click the links below to see pictures and read the full text for each project.

C# / Unity Assets

During the course of my work I often have the need to generate some relatively high quality realtime graphics, and lately I've tended to favor the Unity game engine for this purpose. Unity offers an extremely powerful, cross platform, API and integrates very well with major file formats and applications. These features along with the robustness of their C# interpreter, have made Unity my favorite development platform for anything relating to realtime graphics (and/or game creation) … read more

Unity Showcase

Whenever possible I try to share my development work as open source assets. In situations where this is not possible (due to copyright, commercial in confidence and other hurdles), I like to share the Unity 3D scenes as web apps. This lets you view and interact with the applications from within any capable web browser … read more

Web Apps

Hopefully you'll find some of these pages interesting, and if you want to re-use any of the source code in your own projects, you are more than welcome to do so. Feel free to contact me if you need any of the back-end bits (PHP, most likely) … read more